Scandinavian Tandem 25m AI Traffic by TrafficManiac v1.0

Mod adds to traffic long 25 meter Scandinavian tandem combos.
Alloved in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with other traffic packs.
For game version 1.43.x

Version 1.0 – initial test release


DOWNLOAD 3 MB [mirror]

8 thoughts on “Scandinavian Tandem 25m AI Traffic by TrafficManiac v1.0

  1. old trucks in traffic?

  2. In germany not allowed.

    1. GermanETS2Driver

      Thats not true. You find them on some German Autobahn and roads. SCS made it in the way that you can drive this long combination of b doubles or trailer + tandem in complete germany what you can not do in real life but for the Mod its good. SCS made it this way so the Mod just takes it like SCS.

      1. seth_haveron

        it is true … you got only 4 corridors where this combinations are allowed if any.

        and scs thinks we are ######.

        anyway this mod is pointless and there are not a single tandem combo in the traffic unless you have tandem mods like flemings or kast…

        the logs show errors

        1. the error is fine, it won’t crash the game

  3. paulo paiva

    voces fazem comentarios desnecessarios , e ficam coxm muita frescura com os mods , querem simular mas nao sabem

  4. paulo paiva

    parabens pelo mod ficou muito legal , poderia fazer algumas skin , nao deixar totalmente branco

  5. Soul_Less

    I had to disable all other ai truck mods in order to see it, but I found it Kappa.

    Do you plan on adding any other rigid ai trucks like the volvo, and making it use other trailer than the insulated/dry freighter trailer?

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