Scania 1 Series v 2.0

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Version 2.0:
* Added new cockpit 110/140 and Longline
* Added wheels, tires, etc, added even more tuning, the real engine and transmission
* Added their sounds
* Added Old school Interior
* Added physics all mudflaps
* Added support for DLC National Window Flags and partially Mighty Driffin DLC
* Fixed interior animation
* Fixed a bug with the collision of the chassis 6×4

Shoofer, Gustavo Siebel, Mahyar.Gh, Ariaei group pc, Amir mahdavi, Federico Cardinali, Phantom94, vovangt4


20 thoughts on “Scania 1 Series v 2.0

  1. Ghostrider2800

    Another reupload!

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. thanks, it’s a nice truck! one error still to correct, the left small mirror is missing…

    1. There is no small mirror on the left side…….

      1. Yes I noticed, it should not be similar with the right side where there is one?

        1. no it is so made in real it is also on the scania 4 series thats how they came of the production line

  4. Hi CIP

    Some trucks had the small mirror on both sides, supposedly added to the left side by the driver himself or an option but not a mod option apparently.

  5. ETS2

  6. TruckingwithJosh

    Great truck to drive and lots of customization options deatiled interior
    Great job buddy (:

  7. Its just me or its too bright at night, switch to outside video its darker but from inside its too bright

  8. GamerLionfish

    Very good truck.

  9. Kieran moore


  10. Kieran moore

    Could you please add bull bars and stone guards, that would finnish it off.

  11. Kieran moore

    Great truck though I use a 141 longline in an Astran livery for my Astran sub contracting. As I said all it needs to finnish it off is stone guards and the option of bull bars.

  12. Reaux2000

    Game crahes whenever I go to add the accessories onto the truck

  13. Will you be doing a right hand drive version? This is an excellent set!

  14. doesnt work 1.33

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