Scania 10000hp and transmission

Engine upgrades for scania 10000HP ,and
transmission.Vehicle speed increases
Support versions 1.26



7 thoughts on “Scania 10000hp and transmission

  1. What´s that again for a S***t ?
    This is a Simulator, not a Racing Game 🙁

  2. Why though???

  3. Need for Speed ?? S***.

  4. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

    #### mod. get this #### out of this site. go back to need for speed kiddo

  5. van der linden

    I’m realy sick of the most mods here now , always skins skins paintjobs paintjobs paintjobs , or dumb racing stuff kiddo mods!, an so on and on.
    ever heard about realism?
    I don’t giva a s**t about these always the same direction mod makings here, it’s realy annoying me.
    come with some new stuff you kiddies, what about road assistance ai vehicles for different countries, ai cars with various trailed caravans, campers in variations like holiday traffic.
    police cars for all countries, ai fire trucks for all countries, ai ambulances for all countries, realistic ai motor bikes, just an idea.

    1. Does anybody owe you anything?? Paintjobs are okay in my opinion, cause they give variety to the trucks we drive, about this mod specifically I’m not gonna argue with you, it’s nonsense.. But if you’ll go back a few pages you’ll see truck mods, accessory mods so stop whining..

  6. Thanks for this mod! I think it is awesome! Super fun!

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