Volvo UP10000HP

Engine upgrade For Volvo FH2012 and upgrades
Support 1.26xx



3 thoughts on “Volvo UP10000HP

  1. What´s that for a S***t ?
    This is a Simulator, not a Racing Game 🙁

  2. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

    #### mod. get this #### out of this site. go back to need for speed kiddo

  3. Oh, holy simplicity !! In this game horse power do not matter. Hey, kid, 10,000 hp not 10000KW! Remember this!
    “info[]: “[email protected]@[email protected]@1000 @@[email protected]@”
    torque: 57500″
    Тotal nonsense!!!
    Must be so:
    “info[]: “[email protected]@[email protected]@500 @@[email protected]@”
    torque: 57500″

    But it is best to play “Need for Speed”! Good luck!

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