Scania 113 + Accessories + Trailer v 2.0

Scania-113-1 Scania-113-2 Scania-113-3

– Replace Scania R
– Painted (+ metallic)
– 2 interiors
– Sounds
– Tested 1.21.1

Authors: Igor Rafael, Kahovka Forever


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8 thoughts on “Scania 113 + Accessories + Trailer v 2.0

    1. Why the make no mod off the origine 113h or 143m ?
      I wish i was able to make it,it would be an exact replica off those model’s inc. dashboard. Please to the modder’s,there is on the internet enough info.

  1. Штангельциркуль 011-566

    Kahovka Forever – best modder!

    1. Yeah wright, a truck with his ### in the air. Verry realistic!!!!
      A stock Scania 113H or 143M in real life style,that is an art!!

  2. igor rafael

    Kahovka ‘re lying , this mod and all done by me . Igor rafael . I have all the rights of mod. please remove the credits the name Kahovka

  3. IgorRafael

    Kahovka ‘re lying , I edited that this mod , I have all the rights of mod. ETS2.LT. remove it from the Kahovka name of credits . that’s not nice ;(

  4. espectacular soy AM

  5. esta re buenooo

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