Scania 141 V8 Sound Mod


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It Has Been Finally Released and Works for the 141, 380 HP Engine, Have Fun.

Author: Yafet Rasta.Jr


8 thoughts on “Scania 141 V8 Sound Mod

  1. pilotchaos31

    wow cool sound

  2. Scania1997

    Why would you make this #### ? . It doesnt sound like a Scania 141 at all . But it’s bad like all your sound mods .

    1. SO make a sound yourself if you are not happy with other peoples mods! People like you make the community bad by going around on mods spreading stinky s**t! I hope you get banned! Try to appreciate peoples effort in making ETS2 even better than it is vanilla style! They are doing this for free on the spare time! If you dont like it,simply dont download,and move on to another mod without throwing trash!

      1. R.J Productions

        I Know the Guy, Its Just Because i used startup, and idle sounds from his video and provided the community that they wanted and that he didn’t give, he is kinda sarcastic about it cuz i did a good job out of it and don’t worry there will be a v2 and there will be a real 143M and 143H V8 Sounds too, lets see what he says when they are released too.

  3. Real nice sound mate

  4. Very cool scania 141 sound I using 1.23 update The order sounds don’t work properly but this sound is working very wel. thanks

  5. Trucker_Bob

    This sound is one of the best sounds I ever heard for 141

  6. Really nice, great work R.J.

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