Scania 143 sound V3.0


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I have lowered the exhaust rpm and add V8 engine sound from 600 to
1000 rpm from there let hear only the fan (ventilate).



19 thoughts on “Scania 143 sound V3.0

  1. Perfect, just perfect… even the exhaust brake sound is spot on. you sir are a wonder..

    I’ve been favoring the larger American trucks of late however I’ll be rolling out my 143 ASAP!

  2. breizhdave

    Volidas hello is it possible to do for Scania R2008 50k
    thank you

  3. Sportive17

    Volidas,this is a great sound of yours! Is there any chance,if you have the time. To make a new open pipe sound for the volvo FH16 please?? Thanks

  4. it work with ?

    1. works with v0.1234 for ######

  5. poli kali douleia..mbravo volida

    1. Γεια σου ρε Κώστα με το καλό σχόλιο πάντα…

  6. Pam Christaman

    someone can link the truck please? or is it incuded with the sound in the download?
    thx for any kind of help 😉

      1. @dr_jaymz

        the link doesnt work anymore, looks like was delete from host

    1. Thank’s…

  7. @dr_jaymz

    very nice sound dude, i think you are the better sound maker for ets2… cheers

  8. took the opportunity to congratulate Volidas, did an excellent job of sound … If it was not too much to ask, could you apply this sound to Streamline? Thank you!

  9. kriechbaum

    Nice sound friend 😉

    1. Thank you.!!!!
      Are you still out home??????

      1. kriechbaum

        Yes, again for few weeks.

  10. breizhdave

    hello for scania R2008 it’s possible ??

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