Scania 143 + Trailer Shmitz

143-3 143 143-2

YouTube preview

find in Scania
1 cabin
1 chassis
His salon

Standalone trailer Shmitz

Game version 1.23, 1.24

Author Vladimir76rus

DOWNLOAD 69 MB [Mirror]

5 Responses to Scania 143 + Trailer Shmitz

  1. KEFIR_TV says:

    HD Video Review in my channel KEFIR TV ( )

  2. Polak says:

    This is Ekualizer’s modification
    in the interior is his signature ….

    • JonTheVGNerd says:

      I agree. It’d be a lot better if this was removed. He basically killed the overall quality of the truck unless he removes said signature. Its completely unnecessary to add a signature to a truck.

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