Scania 143M


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The truck is completely autonomous.
You can buy it from Scania dealer.
Specifications is taken from the original documentation
Model is skinnable

Tested on: 1.22.x patch

Authors: SCS, TSM Poland, rinat, NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo, Ekualizer

DOWNLOAD 127 MB [Zippyshare]
DOWNLOAD 127 MB [Sharemods]

22 Responses to Scania 143M

  1. Balu says:

    Thank you very much! Will you upgrade F.S.C. STAR 200 also?

  2. Melichov_SU says:

    Mods90 (rus)

    What do you have to swipe at your pathetic file hosting other people’s mods!?

    Poor, pathetic beggar smelly moron !
    Go to your country swingi !


    This mod only TSM Poland !!! And no poor other file hostings!

    • Melichov_is_a_Whiner says:

      Oh shut up. Mods are meant to be shared and credit was given to the authors..chill the hell out and stop being so whiny.

  3. Freddy Jimmink says:

    This is awsome! Great mod, works fine and a lot of accessories!

    Great template included and clear to make great skins on her!

    Thanks Ekualizer, i hope You will make the 143 H Torpedo like this!

    Thumbs up and keep on this great work!

    • zoso says:

      Ciao I wanted to thank Freddy Jimmink
      Thanks to you I learned to create the skins watching your work
      my first skin was zoso skin for Scania R700 created manually without ETS2studio
      thanks again and sorry for the incorrect English??

      • Freddy Jimmink says:


        Thanks for the compliment and Your English is okay though.

        I hope tosee more of Your skins Zoso.

        Truck works also fine in Promods 2.0 and Eastern Express maps with add-on maps.

  4. Bart176 says:


  5. BlueMaster says:

    Very nice! Thank you very much!! Will you upgrade F.S.C. Star 200 also?

  6. BringIn says:

    1080p Review 60 FPS
    Thank you for watching!

  7. zoso says:

    Thanks Ekualizer great job???

  8. Mystic Gaming says:

    Great Truck here is a HD video with commentary.

  9. Josh Milton says:

    Here is a HD video with commentary

  10. Mystic Gaming says:

    Great truck here is a HD review of the truck thanks.

  11. Russian beast says:

    Made with feeling. Great work! Thank you for sharing, boys!

  12. CiceeX6 says:

    Sad… No DLC suport yet!

  13. tukatuka says:

    is in this version finally the wiper problem fixed?
    do they actually remove the rain from the window?

  14. kevuk29 says:

    Love this truck so much … new favourite truck in game thanks not sure who I’m thanking as I see in the comments someone else saying its there mod so whoever the creator is thanks

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