Scania 143M BDF + Interior Addons


YouTube preview

Test on Version 1.7.1



18 thoughts on “Scania 143M BDF + Interior Addons

  1. I don’t understand the point of not having videos or explanations like stand alone or replaces.. where to buy ect…

    1. where to buy a scania. I guess at the iveco shop

  2. is there an template for this truck?

  3. hello guys , i’ve did a video for this mod too ..

  4. Peter_Bulgaria

    Need a new cabin camera!

  5. Great car. Looking-glass right side seems wrong

  6. richard1971

    Mirrors didn’t work while playing the game.

  7. Блин… На кой хрен столько дерьма всякого лепить в машину что вес мода 500 метров. НЕ ПОВОРОТНАЯ ОСЬ! Нахрен делать моды С ПРИЦЕПОМ без поворотной оси ? В общем мрак и ужас!

  8. whitch dds texture are the trailer of the truck?

  9. The mod wont work for me. i put the mod in the game, select it but the truck is not in the scania dealership. i have 1.7.1

    1. look in any none uk scania dealership

  10. no lo puedo descargar

  11. thunderman1994

    Where can i find the trailer?

  12. Very good work with this truck. it is a shame that you can´t use megamod on it. would really want that to be possible. Can one hope for the older version of the scania 143(not) streamline. love this truck and keep up the good work

  13. where can i find a trailer? when i use it like combo.tandem

  14. ServiusTheBear

    I am looking for the template for this Rig. Please.

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