Scania 143m Lommers Delfzijl Skin

Lommers Delfzijl (1) Lommers Delfzijl (2)

This is the “Lommers Delfzijl b.v.” skin for the Scania 143m mod made by: Ekualizer

I made this skin because my grandfather drove a Scania lb111 in those colors.
So i extualy made it so i could show it to him.


Author: JustLimburger (Lars Vestjens)


2 thoughts on “Scania 143m Lommers Delfzijl Skin

  1. How could i have missed this one!
    Nice Skin Lars, but the stylised L on the doors could use some work though.

    I’ll say this in dutch:

    De L is helaas te smal.
    Tevens heeft die L in het echt wat meer stijlelementen.
    Maar goed……. al met al een leuke skin wat duidelijk herkenbaar is als een Gebr. Lommerts NV truck, eerlijk is eerlijk!

    1. Dear Lommerts,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I had just a few black and white pictures at home from my grandfather. So making it very detailed was hard.
      Though it was fun to make.


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