Scania 143m & R 2009 – Straight Pipe sound update


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As i dont really like, for some different reasons, the delivereds
sound within the mods, i’ll modified them in order to fit my taste and
some real sounds i’ve listened to in Truck Meetings for e.g. I will
not call this “super”, “perfect” or “ultimate” sound either ;)…The
original sound files (ogg’s) are not my work, i just remixed them and
rewrote, partially for the R, the def files. I’m not intented to earn
anything with this, all credits goes to the authors of those
magnificent mods.

Scania 143m Verbeek sound update:

– changed diesel sound
– remixed diesel sound
– different load bass and pipe sound
– rewroten def file
– INT ONLY! Interior is also exterior sound
– 1 full mod with new sound integrated
– 1 standalone sound pack
– added also 2 chip tuned engines, R400 with 460hp and R500 with 580hp
(dont replaces existing sounds)
– Sound fixed to 143m Model, dont replace any other sound

Copy full or sound update only to your mod folder and activate

Scania R V8 update from icemans Sound pack v12:

– now standalone
– sound model got new name (scaniaV8), it dont replace any other sound
using /scania/ as model name
– rebalanced diesel sounds
– different pipe sound
– remixed bass load sound
– minor tweaks

Have a look to the short videos (videos may process a while)

error404, iceman29, Ekualizer Timmer, Freddy Jimmink for the original mods

DOWNLOAD 106 MB Full 143m
DOWNLOAD 5 MB Standalone 143m
DOWNLOAD 6.5 MB Standalone R

143m video:

R series video:

24 thoughts on “Scania 143m & R 2009 – Straight Pipe sound update

  1. focused on sounds, i didnt pay attention for errors.

    The mention dont replace sounds in the 143m engine description meaned to be “dont replace other engines”…


  2. error 404

    Hmm, mod seems to have forgot to post my comment 🙂

    here again, engine modification does not overwrite any “engines” and not “sounds” as it is wroten in the description.


    1. great, now i repost my comment, the first appears, and im self discussing here…I think there is a problem with the comment section 🙂

  3. hey there s a bug with the interrier of the trucks when adding your mod steering weel cover af the doors the grill look werd all gray and the sound it not that good mixing the disel sound and the pipe sound is a fail like all other mods like it

    1. error 404

      modified sound files doesn’t change any interior textures, guess the fail is you comment buddy..

  4. Nice sound

  5. The R Series sounds like the Kenworth W900a ( but the 143m is nice but I actually prefer the original version of this. I haven’t downloaded and used as yet so this may change.

    1. error 404

      It because the W900 also uses the iceman diesel ogg files (which is a wrong sound for that truck) without giving credits for it.

  6. Any texture on that truck that isn’t old format?

  7. Jordan_1000bhp

    ### !! this is so #### poor poooooor sound mix! STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP and NEVER Come BACK!!!! Doing this this killing peps!!

    ###! Realy and guys are you all have some audition problems ???! Are you from AFRICA or PAKISTAN or don’t know dam moon ?? where you don’t have Europian trucks didn’t you hear a real life scanias ?? THIS IS NOT BY ANY BUT ANY MEAN AND SOUNDING SCANIAS!! And this guy say i do go to Truck meetings for ages !!??? ARE YOU JOKING #### MAN!! YOU CRAZY THEN cause this is daaaaaam faaaar from real by any mean from scania sounds!! ###! go and bang your self in toilet! LOOOOOOL Yha probably you go to trucks meeetings but your ears you leave at home! “UPS DADY DAM I Forgot my ears at home again!!!” And missed my school!

    1. whaaat??!– you trolling? the Scania r2009 sound in this mod is the best Scania sound I have heard in this game so far, the sound when you reverse is exelent, compared to some other sound mods out there.

  8. gotta agree with jordan not hes mental ways of saying it lol your sound suks and its messing with other mods when i remove it all is normal… buddy

    1. error 404

      Why do i write in the description that i only made the sound for my own taste and that i only did the sound? I didnt do the truck, i never said the truck is my mod, i delivered the sound mod also as standalone…So where is the problem? You cant read?

      The sounds doesnt alter anything, i also paid attention that they dont change any other scania sounds.

      Sure, agree with the guy who insults everyone here but without any clue about modding, but doing something by itself is not possible what?

      ppl like the ##### and yourself are rubbish and pathetic.

      I will keep myself doing what i want and if i want to upload it, ill do. You dont like, you cant read a simple description, i dont care.


  9. beats me as to guys are so unfair to guys who try to produce mods for the game if you need to criticise do it politley or try doing better your selfs. at the end of the day folks make the mods for free and for pleasue no one forces you to download it pisses me of on this site if you goto other ets sites there aint all this back biting oh damm i missed my school bus now

    1. @dr_jaymz

      agree, if the mod sucks or not that’s only the creators/mixer/modder problem, they are kind enough to do it an post if for free; if any of us do not like the mod we have to keep our mouths shut and say thanks for the effort and if we are gonna criticize al least we have to do it in a nice way and have some manners.

    2. error 404

      I’m pretty new here, but i agree, some are really rubbish here (almost ones who arent able to do by themselves), but i dont care at least, i like my sounds and when ill find a better diesel base ill surely continue to mod my sounds and upload here. I didnt do the job for anyone here but if only one likes, its win to me 😉

  10. John Elliott

    Looking forward to hearing your Scania sound mod?

  11. lol pull your pannis out my first comment i was trying to help by telling what i saa rong so it can be fixt testet the mod alone and with all my mods and YES its one of my old mods that making the problems SORY for that….. If u cant handel peppl s comments on your mod dont post them that what i do.. i suk at modding so was hoping that this time somon mix s the sounds rigth.. well u dident.. i agree some of it is sweet the base is nice u can allmost feel the pips behind u as in my own scania. I do belive u can do better u are allmost there… my nr 2 comment was well a respons to your (boddy) comment.

  12. and error u are wery rune in your own comments dont think u are better coz u made a mod

  13. As error says above he is new here what guys shud remember is that he and others like him like myself are new to skinning and mods we all have to learn to do them we learn at our own speed and produce work for you. We dont get payed we do it for the game and as a hobby guys who come out with criticism we appreciate if its constructive or at times we need help we know were not profesionals who do it as a job im doing it to help me get over serious illness it gives me pleasure and helps pass my time while i recover i want to improve but what i dissagree with is the amount of childish remarks that are posted alot of the guys who post them cant skin or even do mods do you ever see those guys names on mods on herebapart from a few who do do mods whos comments you do see are helpful . But you got to remember we all start at the bottom n get better with practice and thats what drives us on to improve the way some of uou show disrespect makes us just want to build a site were you would pay for membership so appreciate what you get for free and if you dont like a mod or skin dont down load it

  14. I have no Problems with your soundmod or Truck, everything works fine and i have alot fun with this Truck 🙂

    The only little thing i have to ask is: could you pls make more skins for that Scania 143? that would be rly nice man 🙂


  15. Good Job for R Series 😉

  16. sikdenseje

    These small orange lights on the frontgrill how can i get them

  17. Gstr_scania

    This seems to have wiped out all my jobs…

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