Scania 2000 hp Powerful Engine

Powerful Engine

2000 hp Powerful Engine for Scania Truck
Works with 1.18.x

Author: Crazy Squirrel


7 thoughts on “Scania 2000 hp Powerful Engine

  1. WHY, WHY and WHY ?????????

    1. muddles08

      I thought the same thing XD

      1. MasterModers

        Because many people download it and the more downloads, the more cash

  2. Whoua, great…………….

  3. Even stopped guy is heavy transport Engines 730 hp at your Scania Just a fool to leave the motors that come ……


  4. One more kid has learned to edit ” sii ” file!

  5. MasterModers

    Well people want this kind of Mod and it gets quite a lot of downloads, more so that some better Mods that take time to make as is quite effective if you are looking for some quick cash

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