Scania 2016 Braanker Logistics

Scania 2016
Braanker Logistics – google it !

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m1key & The SCS Community


6 thoughts on “Scania 2016 Braanker Logistics

  1. Ciao m1key, I’m preparing some tutorials on modstudio2
    I’m waiting for the new update. You have a contact, not social and not forum?

    1. well, I’m in the Discord for ModStudio2 and a few other places – scs forumthread , not FB or Instagram … staying away from those evul places ?

  2. Ok when it happens we hear you here (if you attend this forum) Thanks.

  3. Stampertje1908

    Can you make this for the rjl normal cabin. A friend of my drives with it at the real company if you want i have pictures of the truck

    1. this was made from a request, and it also wishes to haveit for that truck…
      I have some preview images for the old Scania, so I might do it aswell…or similar design as this one for the old one …
      SO maybe an updated release in near future …

      1. however you can link the images and I’ll take a look at those too…

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