Wielton NS3K [1.35]

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This is semi trailer for ETS2
-High quality model
-Ambient occlusion
-Support trailer cables

Mr.Poland, Efe Balıkçı, Wojtek, Trucker


6 thoughts on “Wielton NS3K [1.35]

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.36…


  2. ItalianoGT

    It sits on the saddle too much so that the tractor wheels are in the semi-trailer?

    1. I think its for lowdeck tractors.

  3. trailer too low on the RALLA and you can’t see your feet when you release it.

  4. Author this trailer is Błażej P.

  5. Mam problem jak korzystam z tego moda to mi fps spadają

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