Scania 4-Series V1.1


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Scania 4-Series V1.1
What’s new?
-Adapted for v1.23

This is V1.1 of the Scania 4-Series, I hope to update this mod as time goes by in the future.

-Template included for paintjobs/skining
-Various chassis types
-Stock plastic parts

-Place ‘Scania 4-Series.scs’ into your mod folder
-Activate in Mod Manager
-Go to Scania Dealer in game

At first it will look like the truck is missing some parts but they will be selectable when you go to configuration.

Enjoy! 🙂

Facebook: The Punisher 3D Productions

Note: Please DO NOT SELL this mod or anything from it, it was made completely of free parts and NO money was involved.
DO NOT ask my permission to sell. The answer is no. If I see this mod or any edited version of it for sale anywhere I
will CANCEL ALL future updates.

Credits: Punisher Laxi Matthieu Provost (For testing) Satan19990 50keda Mr Poland SheryO Ruskov Anahiem and others…


7 thoughts on “Scania 4-Series V1.1

  1. Is the gap between the grill and the door fixed in this version?

    – BS1

  2. nerowskyyMonster

    Nice mod! — Super mod!

  3. Thanks to all authors?
    good job????????
    ciao ciaoz

  4. twoo things missing a white vabis steer en a site exhaust

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