Scania 4 v 1.7

Scania-4-v-1.7-1 Scania-4-v-1.7-2

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Version 1.7:
– Added a low deck type chassis, cabin specifically for this chassis and a few sets of wheels
– Added chassis with liftable axis
– Fixed refrigerator bug in bdf
– Added a logo of Scania in the bdf cab
– Added lighting in the interior in several colors
– Minor fixes in suspension bdf
– Fixed cargo files for bdf trailers

Mod tested and working on 1.15 version

Author: satan19990


21 Responses to Scania 4 v 1.7

  1. michael olsen says:

    can you make a side skirt for all the chassis ? (6×2)

  2. Beunhaasje says:

    Can you make it work for Promods?

    • Name says:

      I have Promods 1.83 and it works fine.

      • Nameless says:

        I’ve got it too, but when I decided to remove curtain BDF trailer from mods, the game crash when loading 🙁

      • Macedonian Warrior says:

        I have problems with this Scania, i have to play just 10 minutes and game is turn off :/
        See this —–
        00:01:29.889 : [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/scania_124l/truck.pmg’ with size 34961460

  3. lambo603 says:

    C:\Users\my user name\Downloads\_Truck-ETS2__Scania_4_v1.7.rar: Unexpected end of archive

    This is if i open WinRar with that truck pleas send on my e-mail what to do

    My e-mail : [email protected]

  4. ursturbo says:


  5. Franky S. says:

    Thas this work in 1.14 ?

  6. v8stanv8 says:

    I added the interior light at the garage but it doesnt work, how do you turn it on?

  7. Mokko says:

    Таки и не исправил баги)

  8. *Scania*R620 says:

    Hi, can everyone say me how the interior light work? I select the purple interior light but is doesn’t light! Sorry for my bad english 🙁 🙂 *Thanks*

  9. Macedonian Warrior says:

    00:01:29.889 : [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/scania_124l/truck.pmg’ with size 34961460

  10. Franz says:

    Hey can anyone make or give me a really really really good v8 sound for this awesome truck please

  11. Joeee! says:

    for some reason, I activate the mod and the accessories and paintjobs showup but the truck itself dosent, can anyone help me please?

  12. Hauser says:

    Great mod.
    I have the old version but I downloaded this also with its variants.

  13. Epsilon04 says:

    Hello, it’s a nice mod but if someone can say me how I can have accessories for this mod. Sorry for my english ..


  14. pieter1 says:

    Hello Satan19990,

    Are you going to plan making a highline cabin for this truck? I would really appreciate that.

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