Scania 4 v 2.2.2

Scania-4-2 Scania-4-1

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Mod added Scania 4 series, replace one of Scania R in truck dealer.
Truck have oryginal interior with animation, and advance tuning options.
Available is Topline cab, and cp19, also chassis 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4 and BDF chassis

Changes in v2.2.2
– Mod is compatible with patch 1.24
– I added missing .mat files
– I fixed warning about steering wheel and wheels

Author: satan19990

DOWNLOAD 46 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 46 MB [Sharemods]

21 Responses to Scania 4 v 2.2.2

  1. senninha says:

    hi satan19990 i like u serie 4 mod , i use alot , but how about put spolier on normal cabin should be great like this one i gonna send a link and big bumpers should be great

    spolier and bumper

    • keme says:

      yeah..i agree with you…make spoiler for normal cab…it will complete your 4 series đŸ˜€

      Thanks for 4 series!

  2. Poppey says:

    works on the flag dlc?

  3. Tony.S says:

    can one send me a sound mod for the truck?

  4. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  5. Cereal says:

    Is this mod broken? the scania dealer doesn’t show the truck, the truck browser doesn’t show, nothing shows anything.

  6. Cereal says:

    Ok I’m having a slight problem, whenever I go over to the Scania dealer or the Truck browser the truck doesn’t show up, so could anyone assist me with whats going on? and yes I did activate the mod.

  7. Cooper says:

    Make it to standalone and right hand drive version.

  8. jens says:

    kan u het maken voor de nieuw patch en als het mogelijk is met de T.V.X skin dank u

  9. Rozin says:

    hpw ’bout 1.27?

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