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Mod was tested on v1.8 and 1.9
This mod adds Scania series 4 It replaces the one in the living room with Scania R.
Truck has its own interior along with the animation and advanced tuning possibilities.
In version 1.0 is available Topline cab chassis 4×2 and two, one, plastic, metal second.
It is recommended turning off the other mods on Scanie.

Reupload is forbidden.

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Author: satan19990


23 Responses to Scania 4

  1. Fred_be says:

    very nice work Satan

  2. skoogiz says:

    cane you replace this truck to another truck PLZ

  3. kalkani says:

    Very nice mod Thanks

  4. Mac says:

    I think it’s the best scania mod so far. Beautiful truck and even better interior. Good job!

  5. Mihai says:

    Video with the truck πŸ™‚ work’s very good .
    Tested on version

  6. show me your trucks says:

    Please fixed the velocimeter bug.Thanks

  7. e jbg says:

    Best Scania 4 series πŸ™‚ Great mod mate

  8. ClassicDutchTrucker says:

    Very nice mod!

    Love all those options! πŸ˜€

  9. MAKO76 says:

    Truck is good, but outside of salon is not seen GPS!!!

  10. Kill4MeHILL says:

    I only comment if i really like a mod or i really hate a mod. This mod..i REALLY LIKE!
    Zero errors
    zero warnings
    Looks great, Runs great!
    Highly recommended!
    THANKS and praise to SATAN!

  11. Worksgr8 says:

    Just one more thing can we have more than the 4×2 chassis please

  12. kamata93 says:

    Awesome mod! Btw does anybody know a sound mod that works with this truck? I tried all the new ones and it is not working. I also have 143M mod. I would really appreciate it if someone makes a mod for this baby!

  13. kriechbaum says:

    here’s my latest v8 sound working for this truck

    it’s the same sound as this one :


    • kamata93 says:

      Ok So I installed it but I can only hear the turbo whistle and the horn but no V8 sound O_O…why? Like I said i have 143M mod installed but no other scania mod.

  14. Kill4MeHILL says:

    @kamata93 I too have tried many sound mods and could only get this one to work.

  15. kriechbaum says:

    hi, to avoid problems or mods conflicts, i made it with my sound included.

    So, truck is the same, but it has already my sound. do not need separated sound mod to work.


    • kamata93 says:

      Thank you Kriechbaum! You are the man! It’s working perfectly!

      • kamata93 says:

        Kriechbaum can you do the same thing but with the newer 1.1 version of the mod? I seem to have the same problem as before. I would really appreciate it if you can edit some of the engines – like torque, gearbox options etc. I looked some specs on the Internet and in the mod they seem a bit off. πŸ™‚

  16. kriechbaum says:

    Ok, here it is, the version 1.1, with my sound V4 inside.

    Also made accurate the tachometer, speedometer, gearbox ratios are more realistics now, water temp indicator shows 90Β°C, engines torque informations values for the 580hp has been corrected (2700Nm), but it has more torque in game (3000+), it’s perfect to pull heavy haulages.


  17. Soxic says:

    Video, better than video Mihai. πŸ™‚

  18. Stephen Pittock says:

    I am sorry to say this but it appears as if the link on the download button on Sharemods is broken Cant download it πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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