Scania 50k Lightbox v 2.0


For patch 1.15, not black day, lights up the night.
1 bug is dark at night without lights.

Author: 50k, SavC


6 thoughts on “Scania 50k Lightbox v 2.0

  1. Thank’s you 🙂

  2. florian B

    HELLO, I would like to know how to change the writing in the sign, because when I change it turns black the day and lights up at night?

  3. Your alpha is grey ?

  4. no file?!

  5. Why you gone upload something if nots works!!!!? IT WORKS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGN IS BLACK NO LIGHT IF NOT WORK, NOT UPLOAD!!!!!!!

    1. Why in my game Work ? You have another lightbox !

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