Scania Black & White Interior

Black & White Interior

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This mod changes the exclusive interior of Scania to a Black & White Leather Interior.

This mod is compatible with the following Scania Trucks:
– Default SCS Scanias
– Scania R & Streamline modifications by RJL
– Scania T mod by RJL

Works with 1.18 version of the game

Authors: MrTheFlashback, SCS Software


14 thoughts on “Scania Black & White Interior

  1. ok you stunned me this is gorgeous and even better then i pictured it.
    Thx very much for this one.

    For me its perfect and much appreciated that you made this.

    Im speechless now

    1. Ohh dont cry Tasja it will go over :)) (just kidding) But i agree its a very nice mod tnx Dude !! :))

    2. Ah you’re welcome! I’m glad that you like it so much!

      1. hate to ask you this but when 1.19 comes out offcial will you adapt it so it works in that version? have had the beta of 1.19 and your interior doesnt work in that version so i rolled back to 1.18

        hope you will once 1.19 is officially released

        1. I will probably. what do you mean exactly that it doesn’t work? does the game crash?

          1. it just doesnt show up in 1.19 its looks like its invisible it isnt showing when i click interiors to get yours but it is only in the beta version, for that reason i rolled my version back to 1.18 so i can enjoy your interior:(

            but the mods also need a manifest.sii from now on so the game can read the mods properly to determine if a mod is compatible and will work ingame.

   =where info is about the new open beta
   =where is explained what is needed in mods from now on to work in 1.19 and higher

  2. ThePeti92

    Looks good!
    Maybe a full white, with blue lights is possible too?

    1. Well if get yourself the scaniaR&streamline modifications by RJL you’ll get a blue light, and well a complete white i can do but the light you got to get from someone else. :F

      1. ThePeti92

        Ok, thanks!
        I meant the imstrument lights, not interior lighting.

        Looking forward to see the full white interior! 🙂

        1. Oh Yeah I might try making them blue, would look pretty nice I must say 😛

          1. ThePeti92

            Dude… If you can do this, you’re absolutely awesome! 🙂

  3. Can you make one who is the opposite? White dashboard and black on all the other places?

    1. Maaybe, I now got 3 interior requests including yours. I might be able to do it today or maybe tomorrow.

      1. Thanks!

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