Scania Bottom Grill with Lights


Scania Bottom Grill with Lights for:
– Scania R series
– Scania Streamline
– Scania T series

Author: Nikola Kostovski


10 thoughts on “Scania Bottom Grill with Lights

  1. Hello Nikola. I have mal ne ask you to get you well as a mod out??

    hire is the link to the picture

    and sorry for my english I have the google translator used

  2. biochazard

    nice job man looks verry nice im gona try it

  3. WHERE is tune mod for scania?? and lowered chassis for scania on 1.9.2??

  4. willy1962

    nice mod Nikola.
    you said : Scania Bottom Grill with Lights for:
    also for Scania T series , but can you make it
    readt for : Scania Tcab Longline

    Thank you in advance


    1. willy1962

      readt must be ready

  5. thedadmen

    Hello nikola can you make this light on a painted bumper orginal not this chrome added in shop service

  6. deneb_system

    yee! please, make it on a painted bumper orginal! please!

  7. TCab ScaniaFan24

    u said its for as t series it doesnt work at all!! :/

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