Scania Cabin without Fairing v 1.0

This mod removes fairings from the cockpit. But replaces the cabin Highline. There are also red errors in the console (I don’t know where they came from), but the game is stable and does not crash. I’m still working on it!
P.S. If you know how to remove errors, write to me, I will try to remove them!
Enjoy !!



2 thoughts on “Scania Cabin without Fairing v 1.0

  1. iixLokoZx

    Visual looks good ingame, can you make it for the other cabs aswell? This is literally what I need right now for a skin that I just made for the R 2016 normal cab.

    1. iixLokoZx

      – And is can it be possible as an Add-on?

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