Scania Chassis


6×4 and 4×2 Chassis for Scania Truck

Author: EoF


7 thoughts on “Scania Chassis

  1. What are the wheels? Please tell me the link where to download them 🙁

  2. TruckerGuy135

    What is the point of this mod? the game already has a 6×4 6×2 & 4×2 chassis for all trucks (of course except the awful renaults 🙂

    1. it’s a lowdecker chassis. for low trailers that have more room on the inside. you can see it is a lowdecker since the truck is lower then the trailer. also the 6×4 chassis has a lifted rear axle. both of those things aren’t in the base game.

  3. Is it really lifted,because I’d like to question the fact that the last wheel isn’t pushed up against the mudguard more.

  4. doesnt work for me

  5. Argosy2013

    @Ramin, looks that way ae! to me no point to this mod tho.. lol already implemented

  6. Been trying to figure it out all day today .. I realy don’t get it .. what’s it supposed to do anyway ? I thought this was about them wheels honnestly …

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