Scania Combo Pack (Blue)

Scania-Combo-Pack-(Blue)-1 Scania-Combo-Pack-(Blue)-2

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Blue Skin for Scania Truck and Chereau Trailer
In Pack include the airco and sunshield tuning

Author: fayee


19 thoughts on “Scania Combo Pack (Blue)

  1. Airco by maxx2504
    sunshield by matdom1988

  2. Scania lover

    ….Wow You sir, have really a great talent in these skins! Really nice work done, mate! Can you do interiors for it?

  3. WoooW, this is awesome, man! Thanks!

    1. 🙂 enjoy

  4. Great Great job Fayee

    1. thanks fred 🙂

  5. holy #### this is awesome,my mod folder is full of your skins already lol 🙂 Thanks for sharing and please dont ever stop making skins 😀

    1. ah…thanks…
      but this maybe the last design…

  6. Nice work!

    1. thx 🙂

  7. Hi, First off I love the skin, It would be really nice to have that same skin combo for the scania T 1.4.1 please

    1. i dont have scania t

  8. Bennekeben

    Nice work again fayee, u should focus on those #####/Rat Look skins, i think ull run that show aswell..

    Bennekeben 😉

    1. oh friend , have you see my email?

  9. Good

  10. Radek Nowak

    Na jakie ciężarówki działa ten skin ?

  11. вы можыте дать на Светодиодные Цвета на горелки синие как у вас на видео

  12. mobarakjaly

    hei jeg heter mobarak

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