Scania Dashboard Computer [1.39-1.40]

Scania V8 Dashboard Computer.

today I will share a mod, namely Scania Dashboard Computer.
This mod has a similarity level of about 95%,
maybe it could be similar to the original.
before I was very confused, who made this mod. But if you know, just leave a comment.
im only fixed small part on this mod.

this mod replace default Scania R&Streamline SCS. And Also work on Scania RJL.


Removed apparent depth ui dash warning log.
Fixed to 1.39 and 1.40 version.

Fixed Texture problem for DX11.
initial release.

Quetecoo,Bimo Wahyu Saputro


5 thoughts on “Scania Dashboard Computer [1.39-1.40]

  1. HD Video test 1.40

  2. My nickname is not correct, spelled Queteeco, not Quetecoo

    1. Bimo Wahyu Saputro

      sorry but this your mod? or by Oscar?

  3. Hd video 1.40….

  4. I’ve got a Scania R, gave this mod a high priority and still not works. My game version is 1.39.
    Any recommendations?

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