Scania EXC LongLine (update 1.12.1)


Update to 1.12.1

jgut, Mentor, og37, Dorado


5 thoughts on “Scania EXC LongLine (update 1.12.1)

  1. hello!

    this is very good mod!!!
    Can you this mod for Streamline made it?

    (sorry for bad english)

  2. I used to love this mod back on version 1.3.1 but now well it needs a bit more to it like zilpzalps multimod which im running with if you could make the 2 compatible I might come back to this mod

  3. please, create a mod for Streamline+ zilpzalp multimod 😀

  4. I agree With Worksgr8, needs some more compability with other mods! Full paint,grills etc. Otherwise a
    nice mod!

  5. sieht gut aus, nur die hinteren achsen hängen
    in der luft. bei 1080 ps absturz.

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