Scania Frank De Ridder with Schmitz Trailer 1.23

Scania-Frank-De-Ridder-2 Scania-Frank-De-Ridder-1

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– Standalone Truck
– Interior
– Cabin Accessories DLC
– Sound
– Wheels
– Standalone Trailer
– HD Textures

Update v1.1 :
– Adapted wheels for 1.23
– Removed obsolete attribute of dashboard
– Updated cargo directory

Authors: dutchliner, Caspian, Matgamer


6 Responses to Scania Frank De Ridder with Schmitz Trailer 1.23

  1. Sca says:

    Nice Dude. Thanks

    Please dude Donslund Scania R560 v1.23 please (:

  2. arthur vince says:

    Mooie combo.. Thanks mannen !!

  3. Gekurous says:

    It crashes my game 🙁

  4. Fermer Danil says:

    Video Test-

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