Scania G420 + Trailer v 4.0

YouTube preview

-5 series cabin
-Compatible versions 1.27 and 1.28 are no problem
-National Window Flags dlc
-Cabin Accessories
-Motor voice
-Brake sounds
-Sailor horn
-Custom leather upholstery
-Cabin light
-Do Not Edıt
-Do Not Reupload
-Do Not Change Lınk

BurakTuna24, BerkayP


12 thoughts on “Scania G420 + Trailer v 4.0

  1. BurakTuna24


  2. BurakTuna24

    There is a problem with the turkish ?

    1. BurakTuna24

      I am from Germany but I am of Turkish origin I am , These comments against the Turks are not welcome

    2. BurakTuna24

      Wrong, Turkey every Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK always 😉

  3. BurakTuna24

    I do not suffer discrimination on the basis of race or religion, I respect everyone, I respect foreign people, It is important to be human, this massacre does not change anything

  4. mükremin çıtır

    720MB mod mu olur amk. interior zik gibi ayrıca.

    1. 123456789

      interior oyle deri döşeme

    2. BurakTuna24


  5. looks nice, any graphical mod usedwhen taking thosescreens , looks amazingly real …

    love that trailer

    1. BurakTuna24

      I am using a graphical mode that I have edited

  6. FoxOnTheBox

    @Mike It looks like SweetFX But i’m not sure.

    Nice mod, I fell in love with the sound! very nicely done. Would be nice if we had a few more options to customise the truck ourselfs though. But it was still a pleasure to drive!

    HD Video tested on 1.28

  7. çok iyi mod olmuş burak abi ellerine sağlık

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