Scania G7 1800 LD 8×2 Skin Pack

Scania-G7-1800-LD-8x2-Skin-Pack-1 Scania-G7-1800-LD-8x2-Skin-Pack-2 Scania-G7-1800-LD-8x2-Skin-Pack-3 Scania-G7-1800-LD-8x2-Skin-Pack-4 Scania-G7-1800-LD-8x2-Skin-Pack-5 Scania-G7-1800-LD-8x2-Skin-Pack-6

In Pack includes 6 Skins for Scania G7 1800 LD 8×2 Bus:
– Blanco
– Grayhound old
– Grayhound 2014
– Mount Rushmore
– Tower Bridge Tours
– Fly like an Eagle

Authors: Freddy Jimmink, nportegies


11 thoughts on “Scania G7 1800 LD 8×2 Skin Pack

  1. LOL, thats not even 8×2, its 6×2/4 XD

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    True, package must be G7 1600 LD 6*2 with link:

  3. Cosa sostituisce???

  4. I need help with this mod: I can´t found these skins, just the Van de Wit black and all wite skin! – In my mod site there are three files: Bus Scania G7 1800 LD 8×2 Edit.scs / G7 LD 1600 6×2 – 1.5 -1.8.scs / G7 LD 1600 edit.scs.
    Whats going wrong? – Thanks
    Brazilian best regards

  5. VelesM198

    Not sure you’re aware, but the name supposed to be “Greyhound”, not “Grayhound”. Other than that, looks pretty #### good. Good work, mate.

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks for all reactions and i will make all corrections and provide th right link in a few days.

  7. Freddy Jimmink

    As promissed the right link for the right bus

    Skinpack/Edit for G7 1600 LD 6×2:

    1. The website says: Sorry the file you requested is not available.

      Possible reasons include:

      – File date limit has expired.
      – File was not successfully uploaded.

      It is not possible to restore the file. Please contact the uploader and ask them to upload the file again.

  8. 07723318975

    السلام عليكم

  9. Very best game

  10. SSKD Typhon


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