27 thoughts on “Scania Gigaliner Intermarché

  1. nice try,next time don’t lie.

    1. True story bro xD

    2. Brian Earl Spilner

      What did he lie about? Unlike you, they didn’t claim to be able to make 2 pivot points.

      “So,now i made 2 kind of Trailers.
      * Everything you see its done only by me

      1.Giga Liner with Both Steering Trailer”


  2. Nice do another skin.

  3. Pardon? I do not understand what you mean?

  4. #### mod! This turns truck to an elephant, which does not turn anywhere, for example driving out of dealer is impossible, because half of chassis is inside the f**king wall! Not even near realistic.

    Real version: 6×4 Truck + dolly (2axels & turntable) + semi-trailer on that dolly.

  5. you have to learn to drive so I happen to know you too should roll or you play SIM’S

    1. Tim Seerden

      Fred, can you fix the stearing please?

  6. does not work

  7. This is not my mod I’m just skins

    1. Fred_be do you have facebook,please add me as friend..

  8. simon melkert

    Does’nt work

  9. I do not like facebook but I have an e-mail if you want?
    fredbe.tb @ gmail.com

  10. Almost the real thing, only one pivot point. 🙁

  11. Farhat Abbas

    thw mod is work.
    but the trailer replace??

  12. ok its looks like #### now but if you can make a double trailer from it, so i mean , semi trailer + exented rearend to hook the 2end semi trailer on it would be a lot better and more realistic.
    the mod is better when you just take out the cabin and chassis from the truck and make from the truck a normal semi trailer, futher it will be good.
    just an idea, its up to you if you do something with it.

    hope i will see the better mod soon !!


  14. Where is the frame gigaline, i don’t find.

    Salut je ne trouve pas le chassis gigaline dans les modifications de mon scania 🙁

  15. This mod has a good chance of working but the designing author Needs to put turning wheels on the dolly attachment steering the same way as the front wheels and the rear wheels on the truck need to turn the opposite way they do now. The way it is working now causes the truck to crabwalk causing very groosly screwed up turning radius. This mod is not worth downloading unless all you do is run straight roads!

  16. Can not you do so the truck has just normal decks that are not swinging?

  17. satan19990

    Fred_be why you not credit me or ask for edit this mod? Its not fair…

  18. Fred can you make a blank skin, and make the trailers not replace everything?

  19. this is just a tandem with a trailer hooked to it nothing special
    not a gigaliner

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