Scania Glass Stickers

Sticker works on:
SCS Scania 2016
Eugene Scania 2016
SCS Scania 2009
Scania RJL

Interior use –>



9 thoughts on “Scania Glass Stickers

  1. I like this thank you <3

  2. This mod is not yours, the original author is SCHULLI.
    Why didn’t you add his name in the credits?
    why didn’t you leave the sticker templates as in the original mod? what do you want to prove to be a Master?
    Don’t be smart and respect MODDERS

    1. Fittekatt

      You need to go on anger manegnment curse

      1. Anger of what? What I wrote that is not true
        the mod is not his. A tip get your brain treated
        so the next time you write you know what to write.

  3. Yes, this mod is stolen, author Sculli

  4. Dawid de Vries

    work on 1.38 with openable windows?

  5. zoso is right! I forgot to write who used the template when copying the description….. Mostly I have uploaded the file that I use for personal use! I apologize a lot to everyone and especially to Sculli ! …

    1. You have proven to be a very intelligent person and I appreciate your response.
      This is also the answer to people like Fittekatt who just write cazzate.

  6. Just for Information :

    1.) The Mod is NOT stolen
    2.) Info from FB:
    Schullis Mod Garage
    11. August ·

    Info *Schulli’s Window Sticker* Es wird kein Update von mir geben.. Bitte bombardiert mich nicht mit PNs zu.. DANKE 👌

    Jeder hat das Recht an meinem Sticker mod ein Update zu machen, nur ne kleine Bitte habe ich.. Wenn ihr es veröffentlicht dann bitte mit SMG in credits Danke 😘
    Schulli’s Mod Garage
    August 11

    Info * Schulli’s Window Sticker * There will be no update from me .. Please don’t bombard me with PMs .. THANK YOU 👌

    Everyone has the right to update my sticker mod, I just have a small request .. If you publish it then please with SMG in credits Thank you 😘
    Garage mod de Schulli
    11 août

    Info * Autocollant de fenêtre de Schulli * Il n’y aura aucune mise à jour de ma part .. S’il vous plaît ne me bombardez pas avec des PM .. MERCI 👌

    Tout le monde a le droit de mettre à jour mon sticker mod, juste une petite demande que j’ai .. Si vous le publiez alors merci avec SMG en crédits Merci 😘

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