Scania grill in truck color


I don’t does this mod already exists but I have request for it and I made it.

Author: Srele


7 thoughts on “Scania grill in truck color

  1. This kind of mod existed already (made by Dallyborr), it was one of the first mods out there for ETS2. Now there are a lot of mods that support the actual skinning of the grille, and not just a single colour.

  2. thx Srele, was looking for this

  3. this mod gives the grille the same colour as the cabin and I was looking for a mod that let me chose the colour, still not what Im looking for 🙁

  4. So, what do you need?
    Do you want to pick a diferent color for grill, diferent from color for cabin?
    You have 3 colors to pick for painting truck (depending on skin) and no more! So, your grill cen be color1, or color2, or color3. And now grill is color1.
    Which color do you want it to be?
    color2 or color3?

  5. My ideia was painting cabin yellow and grille black for exemple 🙂 … give cabin one colour and the grille a diferent one

  6. For that, take the skin from my skinpack here;

    There is a skin in it (top right image) that lets you paint the grille, cab, fenders and sideskirts separately. You still need this grille mod to work.

  7. yes yes yes :))) thank very much, now i can pait the way I like it.

    Have you a MOD just with engines for Scania? I use one because of the 1020hp engine but he interferes with the grille and skin MOD.

    Again, thanks

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