Scania Highline + Interior


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Scania Highline + Interior
Most parts on the truck are skin bar.
– Lightbox
– Rear panel and so ….

For the modder of you!
The truck is open, so you can do whatever you want! But I would also
make if it were closed

Author: Hobbytrucker


12 thoughts on “Scania Highline + Interior

  1. …and half of this truck is mine and of-course there is no credits about me xD

  2. 50K,bud .. everyone around knows your work is mostly in every stand alone truck and related , for once you didn’t got mentioned .. Look on the bright side tho,we all love and appreciate you work bro,credits or not. Cheers

  3. hobbytrucker

    Dear 50keda,
    I gues you arrent the real one, because this one is not 50keda base, its base by punisher, a well bro of mine 😉 and i gave him credits, but only copyed the half discruption of the real, the real you can find on modhoster. With credits.
    So please 😉

  4. Trucker Melli

    keine würfel und kein gps! schade, sonst guter mod.

  5. Nice mod those the 50k vabis stearing weel work with intirior ? what i mean is those 50keda and punisher mods mix ?

  6. Zio Jessy

    Thx 50keda 🙂

  7. yup it works just fine 50k and this mod =) Hobbytrucker Thanks for making this mod and thanks to punisher 50k u peppl rock my game =D

  8. Hobbytrucker

    Thank you for those comments 😉
    GPS is aviable in the garage, its a tuning part, not permanent mounted!
    Have fun!

    1. Trucker Melli

      danke hobbytrucker, hatte noch scania tuning mod drin deshalb kein gps….

  9. great job on this mod

    ty for making 🙂

  10. Trucker Melli

    kann mir jemand sagen wie ich den motorsound rausbekomme um meinen eigenen reinzumachen?

  11. Why can not I see the interior. I can not find it anywhere. the rest will work

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