Scania Hulk V8 Skin

Hulk-1 Hulk-2 Hulk-3

Hulk V8 Skin for for Scania RJL, R & Streamline Topline Trucks

Author: Stinga


10 thoughts on “Scania Hulk V8 Skin

  1. mikehackenbacker

    more excellent work from you

    1. Hey Mikehackenbacker, just a little personalized skin for you. Hope you enjoy 🙂

  2. mikehackenbacker

    that is beyond excellent thanks for taking the time to do it.just a small ask can it be for scania T

    1. Lol. Great pics.
      Will make one for your Scania T as well….

  3. mikehackenbacker

    thanks once more

  4. Hello stinga, very good skin, i like the rearlights it’s possible to havve the name of this? thanks

    1. Hi V3NOX, Thanks. Got the lights from Scania Tuning mods Necromancy Edition v 3.0

  5. hello good skin i like the rearlights, do you have the name of this for me please?

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