Scania Illegal V8 Reworked V5.0 [1.27x]

Changes in 5.0:

* Adapted for 1.27
* Added interior

-6 Cabins
-9 Chassis
-18 Engines
Very many accessories
Compatible DLC- Cabin Accessories
Advanced coupling

Carls1309, John Lee, RJL, AU44,50Keda, V8K, GT Mike, Afrosmiu, redevil, abasstreppas, Drivter, SCS, Blade1974, Malcom37, Zilzalp


8 thoughts on “Scania Illegal V8 Reworked V5.0 [1.27x]

  1. Mod from 10 January 2016 !!!

  2. Users: Member, Mods90
    Stolen mods do not work on new versions of game!
    Fake and deception!

  3. crash


    Не работает

  5. Then that the mod is really stolen and it’s true, but the truck is cool and I’m on it now.

    1. gvvgbghbtghb

  6. where do i find the truck?

  7. where’s the mod it is missing from the dl PAGE

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