Scania Indicator Sound


A new indicator sound for Scania that sounds like a real one 🙂

Author: TurboTruck


23 thoughts on “Scania Indicator Sound

  1. TimTrucker

    where to get that interior from?! 🙂
    it looks awesome…

  2. Hey which boardmod are you using?? It looks very nice:-)

  3. Nice interior! Priv?

  4. I really want that dashboard, private?

  5. That dash is sweet! Available or Private?

  6. Nice dashboard…. were i can find it?

  7. maybe if one thousand players ask same thing where to get that interior, Maybe author can tell it!!! next user who ask is number 7!!!!

    1. Even after your comment people still comment on how to get the interior, I just think it is photoshop (btw there is a guy with the same name as me)

      1. wth same avatar also?

        1. No, he doesn’t have an avatar

  8. Hi… Please give the dashboard link ..tanks

  9. Download link for the dashboard? Please

  10. chlpi nevite proc mi ten mod nefunguje kde si mam koupit ten interier

  11. For British: Very good mod but it’s not work for me(1.2.5)
    For Korean(한국인):좋은 모드지만 작동이 잘 안됩니다(1.2.5)


    PLS someone make this for right hand side drivers/left hand side


    1. Φίλε. Δεν είναι αυτό που βλέπεις στην εικόνα. Άμα κατεβάσεις το mod δεν σημαίνει πως θα έχεις έγχρωμο καντράν στην Scania. Απλά θα αλλάξουν πιθανόν κάποιοι ήχοι ειδοποιήσεων.

  14. Marko Barjaktarovic

    this does not work and it writes great work

  15. Scania Indicator Sound

    For this mod thank

  16. Scania Indicator Sound

    For the Scania Indicator Sound mod thank you

  17. Scania Indicator Sound

    Can’t download for this Scania Indicator Sound mod please send this tank [email protected] Sese

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