Scania Red and White Interior

scania-innenraum-rot-weiss scania-innenraum-rot-weiss1

Author: Kevin345


8 thoughts on “Scania Red and White Interior

  1. I have version 1.3.1 and with this mod my interior is blue and white..why?doesn`t work on v 1.3.1??

    1. it same here

  2. Put credits fot the steering wheel: Anthony and Peerke145

  3. Markus Srihardi

    Still Waiting for Peerke 145 Lifted Axle 🙁

  4. i cannot install the mod there is not a .scs file only maps of: def,vehicle,material and ui PLEASE HELP I WANT THIS MOD

  5. LEAVE IT .ZIP and copy that on mod folder..

  6. Otogarlı61

    KAbin içi kırmızı değil çok kötü

  7. ITS Nice! But i can download iT….but my interior is blue en white? I have 10.0.1 or something

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