Scania Kaskus Skin Combo


This mod just for Scania Topline & Highline series.
Tested on 1.3.1s version.
I created this mod with ishakcw_98 (we are same team).
If you have a got trouble just sent to [email protected]

Author: kiddzs


7 Responses to Scania Kaskus Skin Combo

  1. ishakcw_98 says:

    Yes, I’m also participated in the manufacture of this mod. We are a same team. Happy Playing! πŸ˜€

  2. Rizalord says:

    sundul gan xD

    • kiddzs says:

      Ty agan rizalord just like button if you like this mod πŸ˜€

      yes ishakcw_98 is my partner. (y)

  3. haidar.muhammad.58 says:

    kurang matching mas,harusnya scania nya putih dan trailernya juga putih kalo gak, scanianya warna hitam trailernya juga warna hitam

    • kiddzs says:

      hahah iya gann. soalnya klo backgound trailernya hitam jg emotnya kalah gann πŸ˜€

      btw thx masukannya (y)

  4. Admiral says:

    agan punya acc kaskus kah? Share mod2 yg ada di pejwan kaskus dunk πŸ™‚

    • kiddzs says:

      wah di official threadnya kaskus untuk ets2 udh ada gann, saya bukan TSnya jd nggak bs update mod2 ke pejwan πŸ˜€

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