Scania L164

Author: Patrik

12 thoughts on “Scania L164

  1. ETS 2 mods? 🙂

  2. truck replacement?

  3. Thanks, thanks , big thanks, dude!

  4. dallyborr

    Why locking scs file? It is ###### to force people to use something that they don’t like! Ok lock the model, but unlock everything else. There is some ###### physics in it and i am forced to use it…NO WAY!

  5. Mercedes Actros MP1 + interior please!!!

  6. Scania 164L Fan

    Oi, mate, which truck this one replaces? I’ve installed the mod and it’s not workin!

  7. Mod-Loller

    99% of mods are packed poorly. Replace old parts instead of adding new ones. Or include additional items that do not belong inside. if the scs files are closed, the mod is useless …

  8. killstone

    I do not work for the mod. why is it?

  9. He people!
    .scs file is only a .zip file. rename it, and you can open it. There is no mistery.

  10. the scania is work to 1.3.1?

  11. Did+work+this+scania+on+1.26v

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