Scania L6 Open Pipe V 2.0 for the Scania R/S 2016

YouTube preview

I added the L6 open pipe V2.0 sound made by Kapitan Kriechbaum on the Scania R / S 2016.
the sound of Optcruise was made by me.

Kapitan Kriechbaum, Giovanni Battiston


5 thoughts on “Scania L6 Open Pipe V 2.0 for the Scania R/S 2016

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  2. virus

  3. Really bad sound. It doesn’t sound like it belongs to a truck.

    1. You so it seems you have not heard a Scania V6 in real life, that’s how the truck sounds in real life, it’s not a V8 …

      1. that’s true because Scania doesn’t have a v6

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