Scania Lupal Update for 1.24 + Trailer


YouTube preview

– Standalone truck
– Got sounds (updated)
– Got interior (addapted for DLC acessories in that version)
– Got tuning (Updated wheels)
– Got HQ skin (fixed in that version)
– Interior light
– 2 chassis (lower and normal (Lower was changed in that version).

Authors: MMA, Molotov, Jon-Ruda, Chudy, Pawel, Ahaneim, Mr.Poland, Fenix


7 Responses to Scania Lupal Update for 1.24 + Trailer

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. Diablo says:

  3. Cocozaurus says:

    Why this truck only bdf would me much interesting if will have in future a normal chassis or maybe 6×4, despite that its such an amazing truck .

    • Miguel Fernández says:

      да потому что его сделали для одного человека, долбоёб ты иностранный! нахуй мне нужны были эти ваши 6х4? я хотел себе машину – мне ее сделали

    • Robin says:

      Simply because it’s a replica

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