Scania Mar-Train heavy haulage skin


Here we have a skin for the scania t series it is of the heavy haulage
firm mar-train from scotland and ireland the exact shade of blue may
not be the right shade appologise for that

I dont give permission for this skin to be uploaded to any other site
as i purely do skind for and to upload it is against my
permission THOMAS. if you do upload it give a donation to save the
tiger fund or wwf

gt mike – truck
ian – skin


4 thoughts on “Scania Mar-Train heavy haulage skin

  1. travail de pro bravos puis-je vous soumettre une création que j ai conduit il y a longtemps contactez moi svp a voir votre travail cela ne pourra qu etre une réussite. celui don je parle et le berlier glr en 6×2 porteur . encore un mot votre cite est génial continuer créateur vous nous faites réver

  2. Have ye even seen what there livery looks like, because it seems like ye haven’t…

  3. je ne comprends pas français mon ami mais je vous remercie pour la comme de mon travail ce qui est-il que vous voulez que je tryy de créer pour vous?

  4. Dar143v8
    are you just of a low iq or your really so ignorant think about Dar143v8
    you can not use the exact shade of blue or the exact same livery on a truck to put on internet you would be breaking laws!!! you can how ever use simlar livery but take note mar train is blue and has a blue and white bumper and the name on the top of the cabs. now if its for you own personal use it can be exact. now do we see any skins coming forwith from you? nope dont think so. Feel free to criticise my work but think like this you can not use exact livery or colours as ive explained in the past. now if you dont mind dropping a euro into the wwf fund or sve the tiger charity then feel free or go fook yourself theres a nice chappie

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