Scania Mega Faca Series


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– It was all fixed
– delivered an entirely new residence
– fully adapted to the new Version
– Accordingly, in the version below 1.23 & 1.24
– It has also been spelled DLC
– fixed jambs
– changes the cabin
– Illumination
– Made optimization



6 Responses to Scania Mega Faca Series

  1. Terra says:

    The steering wheel does not rotate. Or maybe it is just me.

  2. katalin says:

    RJL? please RJL

  3. AvanueLf says:

    Eline sağlık burak abi kaputa v şeklinde led koyarsan daha da güzel olabilir

  4. esr says:

    The steering wheel does not rotate

  5. Todd says:

    Why would you make the lights, visor, and headlight covers hardcoded? Why not include the option to take them off. The interior dashboard also looks like dog ####. Terrible quality.

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