Scania R 620 Jasper Hansen


YouTube preview

For 1.24 / 1.25 / 1.26
Truck &V8 Sound
Trailer standalone,custom flares & wheels

Have Fun Witch this Nice Mod

AMV Tomas


16 thoughts on “Scania R 620 Jasper Hansen

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. pls remove indoor camera? this camera problem oculus rift cv1 🙁

  3. HD 1080P Test 1.26..

  4. MARIO1973

    Good truck. Damage of more colors for the tires, black, blue ……..
    Thank you anyway for your work.

  5. icebeer75

    download is down leider

  6. it’s possible to have this interior for RJL ?

  7. A vabis wheel would have been nice :/

  8. icebeer75

    Danks for Link

    1. new link added to post

  9. New link added

  10. spartacus33

    The Trucker Driver is missing…into video

  11. This+is+a+paymod+respects+the+work+of+others+deletes+the+mod

    1. La Voz De La Verdad

      Paymods has been illegal mods…

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