Scania Mega Store v 1.3

Scania-Mega-Store-v-1.0-1 Scania-Mega-Store-v-1.0-2

Version 1.3:
– New on Both Trucks, Lowred Chassis, windshield colorable, head lights colorable, Many Points for lights on Cabin and chassi grill

Run on 1.12.x – 1.14.x versions

Author: Malcom37


26 thoughts on “Scania Mega Store v 1.3

  1. Does the sideskirt work on the tag lift axles?

    1. Nop I think we need to wait for a new update

  2. NIce!
    I must put out the old version or together?

  3. я тоже хотел спросить есть ли подъёмные оси. я поставил и не нашёл их. если нет то буду очень благодарен если в скором времени вы их сделаете. а так мод очень хорош!!!

  4. Nice man ! 😉 thank you

  5. Work in the 1.13.3? Thanks!

  6. does anybody has another link? for some reason i can’t download from sharemods or uploaded, i don’t know why.

  7. nice job only one thing is missing a real nice heck something like on this picture, can you please make it for another update for truly holland/dutch style

  8. Greetings to you Malcolm37 from Slovenia.
    I tried your mod ,but because I dont have a super PC
    it is to big for me.
    I would be very greatefull,if you would made a small simple mod for scania r just with 8×4 short chassis,
    if its possible.
    Anyway from what I”ve seen it is a superb mod for those who own powerfull PC.
    With best regards zak4862

    1. esmeraldo


  9. “windshield colorable, head lights colorable”
    coool, thnx!

  10. Malcom37 again amazing work 😀 Can you pleeaasseeee, pleaseeeee, pleaseeeeee make skirts for 8×6 and 8×4 chassis?! I really pray from the heart 😀

  11. Joaquim S.

    Can you please add this sun shield to you mod ?

  12. puffitheone

    Thx.This Truck will be better and better…i love low chassis.maybe more colors for curtains?

  13. I would love to see sideskirts for the axle raise chassies in next update of this mod 😀

  14. the tag axles are not there when i open it in the 1.14 patch with the new update so where are they

  15. yes i make siddkirts and more parts and mor colours for Curtains 😀

  16. Hy Malcom37

    Please next update:

    Sideskirts-Side pipe
    rear bumper

    Please Thanks

  17. Malcom37, have you got a skin template for these scanias
    And big thank you for that great mod.

    1. Also please make custom rear bumper for 8x chasis’. PLEASE. 🙂

  18. hi Malcom37, i have downloaded this mod and hav finally found the all in one tuning mod, and it is an amazin bundle, wish i could mod lol. but wen install all my standard streamlin cabs hav turn bright red, can any 1 tell me wat i am i doin wrong. plz, thx

  19. hulkai1223

    Hello, I was trying to download this mod and my computer say’d It need’ed a password and I cant decompress It to put the mod in my mod folder… Can someone help me?

  20. hey what is the password you created in WINRAR?

  21. Does anyone have the password for the scaniamegastoresound.scs????

  22. Where can i find a tempplate?

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