Scania Mega Tuning Mod 1.22


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Scania Mega Tuning is a very good mod
You have a variety of labels, engines, colors etc.
Tested on 1.22 version

Author: bodyguard


9 thoughts on “Scania Mega Tuning Mod 1.22

  1. Wrong credits. It should be SCS, Bogdan Kasalap, vovangt4

    1. Gutt

  2. total veralterter schrott. kann man sich schenken …

  3. Karina-Moskva

    Great mod ! Thanks.

  4. WRONG CREDIST!! Real is:Bogdan Kasalap(VINZEL), SCS.

  5. shakir1975

    Чё за нах ????? там не тюнинг а Сканиа 730

  6. Weeda klundert

    work version 1.21.1s..?

  7. Mod ist gutt

  8. aktualisiere es mal auf 1.23

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