Scania Multi Mod Türksch Delight v 2.0

Scania Multi Mod (1) Scania Multi Mod (3) Scania Multi Mod (2)

Tested 1.19.x versions
Adaptation to the new version of the game (1.19.x)

Author: ZilpZalp


7 Responses to Scania Multi Mod Türksch Delight v 2.0

  1. anandha says:

    Good job

  2. RoadHunetr says:

    Stolen Mod. Autor ZilpZalp

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Original Author is Zilpzalp

  4. EREN YAZICI says:

    Author: SCS, Blade1974 not Zilzap Mr.GermanTruck

  5. Lopes says:

    Allways the same. I only saw a 2 new fiiles and both not necessary for the mod work. Like others this guy just used old mod and hosted it….

  6. DaceBraker says:

    this mod looks like my private Combimod between Fire & Ice Scania and Scaniamegastore/additional Parts 4 Scania T by Henki. This Mod doesn’t work with Patch 1.19/1.20. The Game crashed by start the Engine.

  7. osman says:

    This is NOT Turkish you bitch. It’s an idiotic arabic mod with a Turkish Flag.
    Again this is NOT Turkish you prick!!!

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