Scania Multimod V8 Fixed

Scania-Multimod-V8-Fixed-1 Scania-Multimod-V8-Fixed-2 Scania-Multimod-V8-Fixed-3

Tuning for Scania Truck
Red mirrors fixed
Tested with 1.12 and 1.13 version

Authors: ZilpZalp, dustyX89, xXblackcatXx, pete379jp


42 thoughts on “Scania Multimod V8 Fixed

  1. Work with GTM Scania Rework? Thanks!

  2. 1xmichaelx1

    please, can you fix highline cabin to original SCS highline too for stremline?

  3. Is the crash in the R V8 fixed now, too?

  4. what is the difference with this mod :

  5. mod edit by hamed30

  6. the same old botch once more

    Model in old format detected
    Mipmapping is not supported

    Model in old format detected
    crash to desktop

  7. Ghostrider2800

    Game crashes when i try to start the engine for the first time.

    1. me too

  8. Че вы ноете!Отличный мод,отлично работает.Зеркала теперь красятся(они больше не красные,для этого мод_fic стоит теперь).Минус только в том,что грузовик теперь не поддерживает стандартные цвета.Надеюсь,в дальнейшем исправят.
    Спасибо создателю данного мода. Уважуха и Респект тебе!!!

  9. Чтобы у тебя не вылетала игра при запуске мотора,поставь свой мод на звук двигателя Сканиа.

  10. Game crashes when i try to start the engine for the first time.

  11. MidniteTrain

    didn’t we just download this supposedly fixed mod??

  12. nice..Worked well
    Thanks :)))

  13. GhostrickAll

    well now its perfect
    Good job 😀

  14. Game crash when start engine for the first time!!!!

  15. nportegies

    Game crashes when i try to start the engine for the first time.

  16. Scania R Topline is throwing games!!

  17. Game crashes when i try to start the engine for the first time.

  18. Game crash when I want start the engine at the thirst time !!

  19. also der funktioniert immer noch nicht hab keine anderen tuning mods drin aber es geht einfach nicht -.-

  20. The mod is the same as this1 . pmg and pmd files are old the same. U just fixed some miss automat files…

  21. hello, the game crashes when i try to start the engine? help?

    1. Try use any other (not original) sound mod for scania.

      1. Ghostrider2800

        I have other sounds for the Scania but it keeps chrashing.

  22. Dude, you didnt fix the mod, you broke it… The game just crashes when i try to start the engine. Next time, please actualy do what the title sugest.

  23. to prevent the game from crashing when trayng to start the engine you have to edit de def files for the engines and add the lines that specifies the route for the sounds, that will solve the problem.

    1. Ghostrider2800

      can u give please an example how to do that?

    2. please give an example of editing the def files….

      1. @Ghostrider2800 @Doc82 to make things easier for u here is a link to my def folder, download it and put it inside the .scs file and replace, that will fix your problem.

        1. How close the cab red lights

  24. @Ghostrider2800 @Doc82 when you download this mod try to open the .scs file wit winrar then in winrar go to def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/engine and extract the engine folder to your desktop, then open the files with notebook++, when you do that you’ll see the def file of the engine but if you look close there will not be the lines that assign the sound to that engine, for example for the inline 6 engine you will have to add this
    defaults[]: \/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/sound/interior.sii\
    defaults[]: \/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/sound/exterior.sii\
    and for the v8 engines you will have to add this
    defaults[]: \/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/sound/interior_v8.sii\
    defaults[]: \/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/sound/exterior_v8.sii\
    in case that you wonder where to add it you need to add it right after the volume line. if you need any help reply and i will help you.

    1. Ghostrider2800

      Thanks Mole. I had already put the lines with the Sound in the right place but i didnt know that i have to put it right behind the volume line. I put it in the end. 🙂 Now it works fine. THX DUDE!

      1. You’re welcome, ENJOY.

        1. there is no sound folder under my scania r

  25. БЛяяя!!!!Какаие вы все тут дебилыы!!!Да прекрасно этот мод работает.Вы лучше Мозги себе смените.Дебилы.

  26. game crash !!!
    please fix that ####

  27. Good job, Works good with Streamline but crash with Scania R !! Game crash also when I select “Lightbar” on store ??? Please fix, Thanks !!

  28. the game crashes when i try to start the engine. already tried replacing the files in the folder but still the same..
    please help i like your mod.

  29. Farradale

    Thank you very much for this Multi mod!It`s great.Everything works fine.The only thing I miss is a “Seitenverkleidung” for the Scania 4×4 (Allwheel-Version.)There is a “Seitenverkleidung”available für the normal Scania, but why not for the allwheeler?mfg Marc

  30. RaggeBiff

    I can’t add small orange lights on the grille :/

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