Scania New Gen Stock V8 sound mod

Hello all,

It’s finally here, my stock new gen V8 sound, a mix of youtube videos and some scs samples.
I want to thanks a lot Max2712, he recorded the interior accessories sounds, and put them in the sound mod. He helped me a lot.
For the sound mod itself, well, it’s the same as in 1.36 but totally rebuild with Fmod. There’s still a small lack of bass in the interior but as you know we cannot change it for the moment. I hope scs will let us adjust this through the equalizer in Fmod.
I’ve also added my standart european horn, and as a separated mod, you will find in the archive a mod that adds the air brakes, air gear and an another reverse sound for the Scania.
This sound mod works on the S and R new gen V8 by SCS and the V8 new gen P and G series from Eugene.

Kriechbaum, Max2712 and SCS.


Interesting videos

4 thoughts on “Scania New Gen Stock V8 sound mod


    The best !!!

  2. Hakkebøf

    Nice sound. But the Kriechbaum 1.2 update is more realistic.

  3. F. Schweiger

    Sorry, but the Scania air brakes and air gear sounds mod by Max2712 has a lot of errors in the log.

  4. Is this mod compatible with 1.36? On Scania S I can’t hear any changes. 🙁

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